Lathlain Park

Cutting-edge stadium lighting solutions.

A. D. Coote proudly served Wesco Electrics and their client West Coast Eagles for the prestigious Lathlain Park project. From 2018 to 2019, we installed cutting-edge sports lighting towers for both the main and secondary ovals.

The main objective was to provide exceptional lighting solutions for each oval. A. D. Coote designed and fabricated four 32.0m extra heavy duty sports lighting towers for Oval 1, supporting 48 LED floodlights. Similarly, four 34.0m heavy duty sports lighting towers were erected for Oval 2, accommodating 28 LED floodlights. Meeting AFL’s broadcasting requirements, Oval 1’s lighting levels reached an impressive 500 LUX.

This project showcased A. D. Coote’s commitment to delivering exceptional sports lighting solutions with tailor-made structures that surpass industry standards.

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