I.D. Labels

Jul 4, 2023

Easy to read labels.

If you are out in the field and require assistance or need a replacement steel pole A.D. Coote & Co. have a simple method to recognise the type of pole by the label on the side of the pole above the hatch.

This below label gives instant information for the light pole at hand:

Top Line

The first two digits on the top line represent the year of manufacture.
The next three digits represent the height of the pole from ground level (F.G.L).
The last four digits of the top line represent the weight of the pole in Kgs.

Second Line

The first letter of the second line represents whether the pole is frangible (collapses on impact) or of a rigid construction.
The last digits are the A.D. Coote job number. Any other relevant information can be retrieved by contacting one of our team members.

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