Steel Pole Downloads

Downloads By Type

Fixed Base Plate
Product sheet for fixed base plate mounted columns

Fixed In-Ground
Product sheet for fixed In-ground mounted columns

Centre Hinged Poles
Raising and lowering a Centre Hinged column

Product sheet for standard Curved & Straight Outreaches

Head Frames
Product sheet for standard Head Frames

RHS & Pipe Poles
Product sheet for square and round columns

The Bordeaux
Product sheet for decorative Bordeaux columns

The Heritage
Product sheet for decorative Heritage columns

Street Vision
Product sheet for standard Western Power “street vision” columns

Rag Bolts & Footing Cages
Product sheet for standard Rag Bolts

Frangible Columns
Product sheet for Slip Base and Impact Absorbing Columns

Additional Information

Product Codes
Explanation of standard product codes

Rag Cage Installation
Installing rag bolts for concrete footings

Assembly Procedure
Lighting column assembly guide

Column Installation Procedure
Lighting column erection guide

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