Cecil Avenue (Stage 2)

Cutting-edge multifunction poles for the City of Canning.

A.D. Coote’s involvement in Cecil Avenue Stage 1 and 2 was instrumental in rejuvenating the thoroughfare and creating a captivating entrance to the City Centre for the City of Canning. Completed in December 2019, Stage 1 set the foundation for the project’s vision. Stage 2 extended this vision, incorporating dedicated bus lanes, wider footpaths, and an enhanced tree canopy.

A.D. Coote played a crucial role in implementing smart infrastructure, integrating augmented reality, Wi-Fi, CCTV and interactive street lighting into our Urban Aluminium multifunction poles. We designed prototypes for unique filigree artwork diffuser brackets, while customising poles to align with the council’s specifications. Additionally, A.D. Coote fabricated a hybrid Aluminium multifunction pole with a steel core, which seamlessly transforms into a Mainroads type overhanging traffic pole.

The project included 70 multifunction poles, featuring artwork filigrees, motion sensors, speakers, traffic lights, custom mast hatches & hatch openings, and custom spotlight brackets. A.D. Coote’s contributions combined aesthetics and functionality, elevating the overall streetscape experience.

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