Osprey Poles

Custom nesting poles

A.D. Coote has engaged recently in two projects for custom Osprey nesting poles.

The first (as per the video and photos below, courtesy of City of South Perth) was designed and manufactured inhouse at our Welshpool factory after being engaged through the City of South Perth. This pole is now out in the wild at its new home in Bodkin Park, Waterford.

The second project, situated in Coogee, is a 12.0m custom design, galvanised with special nesting structure with provision for a mounting observation camera and perches. This column was built to Cottesloe Coastcare’s requirements.

A. D. Coote have supplied numerous Osprey columns along the Western Australian coastline, all with slightly different variations such as different nesting designs and various perches as per the clients’ request.

Photography and video credit: City of South Perth

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