Supporting Local Makes a Bright Difference

Apr 4, 2024

A.D. Coote’s Legacy of Quality & Community

For over 55 years, A.D. Coote & Co. has been a beacon of Australian manufacturing excellence.

We take great pride in supplying quality sheet metal products, including light poles, across the nation.

But our impact goes beyond just products. We’re a local employer, fostering a skilled workforce right here in Western Australia. Our Welshpool factory is a testament to our commitment to creating jobs and supporting our community.

At A.D. Coote, we believe in:

  • Quality you can trust: We’ve been setting the standard for over 50 years, delivering exceptional sheet metal products for projects like street lighting, sports facilities, and car parks.
  • Unwavering commitment: We’re an ISO-certified company dedicated to exceeding expectations in service, safety, and environmental responsibility.
  • Supporting our own: We’re proud to be a local manufacturer, employing a diverse team and contributing to the economic well-being of Western Australia.

The next time you have a project requiring sheet metal expertise, consider going local!

Choose A.D. Coote and experience the difference that comes with quality, community, and a commitment to excellence.

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